Server Engineer

Location: San Francisco, CA
Job Title:       Server Engineer
Type:            Full Time Employee
Location:       San Francisco, CA
The Server Engineer is passionate about back-end platform and API work.  The position involves application services like resolution independent video and image markup, activity feed and permission management, secure video transcoding, watermarking, caching, and archiving to API design, data storage and analytics.
This is a lean shop, and time to market is important.  Special attention is given to the engineer’s ability to recommend and integrate reliable, secure 3rd party components and ability to design and build them.
Detailed Job
Creating and extending platform of back-end services, optimizing them for scalability, and ensuring they maintain an exceptionally high level of security.   In the past year, team members in the server engineers group have researched, extended, or created...
...external API integration services for clients’ production applications - DIT carts, cameras, VFX tools, and content management systems content security algorithms and protocols, including DRM, visual and forensic watermarking, and encryption.
...scalable, high speed, high resolution transcoding, data transfer, streaming, and screening solutions, intelligent search across millions of story elements and production assets
...user-extensible object models to match real-world production workflows
...synchronized video playback for mobile, web, and desktop users across locations
Excellent command of the written and spoken English language. Able to work closely with other engineers as well as clients.
Solid experience in one or more languages like C/C++, PHP, Java, or Python. 
Top-notch computer programming skills - Programming test during the interview.       
Record of success in an agile environment. 
Solid understanding of MVC and service-oriented architectures, and ability to create scalable components within an object-oriented LAMP stack architecture. 
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