Technical Analyst

Location: San Francisco, CA
We value diversity  in backgrounds and in experiences. Healthcare is a universal concern, and we need people from all backgrounds and swaths of life to help build the future of healthcare. We are deliberate and self-reflective about the kind of team and culture that we are building, seeking colleagues that are not only strong in their own aptitudes but care deeply about supporting each other's growth.

We are looking for Technical Analysts to join our newly formed Data Operations team. In this role, you will be a part of the team supporting and refining data assets through their entire life cycle ensuring core operational and business concepts are accurately represented. Following data management best practices you will build a strong foundation, and implement the operational workflows needed to support, robust data flows of accurate and timely data assets and products. You will partner with engineers and data scientists in large initiatives ensuring accurate interpretation of data domains and minimizing tech debt. You will partner deeply with operations to ensure high quality data capture, sound data transforms and pipelines, and straight-forward reporting of operational performance. 

As a Technical Analyst, you will:
  • Work with data management and data engineers in both new development of data assets and maintenance of existing ones.
  • Execute high quality data integrations, migrations, and submissions to ensure on-time delivery of accurate data with minimal tech-debt.
  • Alongside data engineering and data science, manage our DWH and reporting views of the data to keep concepts up-to-date and remove redundant, obsolete, or trivial data.
  • Implement and maintain high level of data quality monitoring across all stages of the data lifecycle.
  • Monitor data quality and timeliness working with operational and technical teams to resolve issues.
  • Develop an understanding of the data along with the operations and industry concepts/regulations that under pin it in service of successful implementations in large data focused initiatives.
You will love this job if:
  • You are not hesitant to jump in to help fix things that are broken or fill gaps that are outside your job description because you feel a great responsibility to make sustainable systems.
  • You have a natural intellectual curiosity that drives you to find out how things work and if they can work better.
  • You enjoy collaborating and have a positive attitude about tackling hard problems in an important industry.
  • You are willing and able to help your teammates grow by demonstrating best practices, providing (and receiving) respectful and constructive feedback, and sharing your unique insights with everyone.
  • Your pragmatic approach to problem solving balances optimization and quality vs. delivering value continuously.
You should get in touch if:
  • You have 3+ years of experience working with databases and driving data reliability, quality or data driven insights.
  • You have advanced SQL skills and have some experience with Python or similar general programming language or scripting.
  • You are familiar with concepts of data architecture and data governance, master data management and data warehouses design.
  • You have experience working with real-world data, value and understand the importance of data quality, and are comfortable cleaning datasets.
  • You love data as a product, and enjoy working with different stakeholders to build ecosystems of data sets and tools to meet the needs of the business.
  • You have experience in medical informatics or have worked with healthcare data - clinical, insurance, or benefits focused - and are familiar with the regulations or standard file formats that under pin it. Experience in Medicare an extra bonus.
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